Corporate Heath and Wellbeing


We offer simple, comprehensive employee health checks in your own workplace. Workshops and lunchtime seminars are also available.


All health checks and wellness events are delivered by registered health professionals. 

Health Checks

We offer simple, affordabe employee health checks in your own workplace. 


Each 20-minute Health MOT will assess:


  • Cholesterol

  • Blood sugar

  • Blood pressure

  • BMI

  • Visceral fat level

  • Health and nutrition advice from a health professional


Results are available immediately and a full report is provided to the employer. 

Workshops and 
Lunchtime Seminars

Designed and delivered by registered nutritionists, our workshops and seminars improve employee health awareness with topics such as:


  • Eating for Energy

  • Boosting your Immune System

  • Managing the Pace

  • Digestive Wellness

Taster Table

Hosted by registered nutritional therapists, our Taster Tables encourage employees to sample healthy, sugar-free breakfasts and snacks to support concentration and energy levels throughout the working day. 


Ideal for staff who are desk-bound or spend time travelling for work. 


Our nutritionists are also on hand for help and advice throughout the day. 

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If you are interested in supporting your employees' health and productivity, then do get in touch. 


Will will be happy to answer any questions and can even tailor an event to suit your business needs. 


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