Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy, or clinical nutrition, is a natural, evidence-based approach to support health and prevent illness.


Nutritional therapists use nutrition science to boost health and to tackle the underlying causes of health problems. Each client is individually assessed and is prescribed their own unique nutritional therapy programme. 


How well you feel depends on your internal chemistry. Functions required for health include optimal production of essential enzymes, metabolism of hormones, and handling of oxidative stress and inflammation. These functions are dependent on nutrients.  


My personalised approach takes into account your particular needs and preferences. You will discover key factors that are affecting your health and you will receive a simple and practical nutritional programme that fits into your lifestyle.


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2. What does a consultation involve?


Your first consultation will last around an hour. We will talk about your current health and your diet and discuss your goals. We may take some health measurements such as blood pressure, body fat, muscle mass and hydration levels - this will help to assess your progress should you return for a follow up appointment. 


We will go over a personal nutrition programme designed to address your health issues, and you will recieve a written copy of this. The nutrition programme will include dietary recommendations and may also include nutritional supplement recommendations.


You will also be given information on where to buy healthy foods locally, meal ideas and recipes, and additional handouts for support. In addition, you will receive ongoing personal support via email to help keep you motivated. 


After 4-6 weeks, a follow up consultation is often recommended in order to assess your progress, keep you motivated and address any questions or concerns. Your programme may then be adjusted accordingly.


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3. How much does it cost?

Initial nutritional therapy consultation: £55

Follow up nutritional therapy consultation: £40


Initial sports nutrition consultation: £65

Follow up sports nutrition consultation: £40


Sports nutrition appointments are most costly as each dietary programme is macro-counted to provide you with the correct amounts of protein, carbs and fats for your goals and activity levels. This is a time-consuming process, but gives the fastest and most effective results.  


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4. Will you design a detailed sports nutrition programme?


Yes! I have worked with both serious athletes and weekend warriors, and can design a programme based around your individual needs and performance goals. This might include a macro-counted plan, detailed pre- and post-workout advice, ergogenic supplements or advice for specific events. 


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5. What corporate services do you offer?


* In-office health screening with same-day results

* Taster table with healthy snacks for employees and professional nutrition advice

* Workshops and seminars. 


Find out more here



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6. Do you offer allergy tests or other heath tests?


I offer a range of functional health tests. All of the tests that I offer are non-invasive tests using urine, saliva or stool samples, or a simple fingertip blood sample. 


The most popular tests that I offer include comprehensive stool testing for those with digestive isssues, cortisol/adrenal testing for those with fatigue, and tests for nutritional status such as Vitamin D levels. 


Please get in touch to find out more about avaiable tests and prices. 


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7. I cannot get to your clinic. Are telephone or online consultations available?


It is always preferable to have a face-to-face consultation where possible. However, if you are not able to travel, then I can speak with you over the telephone or Skype. 


Simply contact me to arrange an appointment time. I will send you a secure link so that you can pay online, in advance. After the consultation I will email your nutritional programme to you. 


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8. Are you insured? What are your qualifications?


I have full professional indemnity insurance, and am listed with the Data Protection Register.


I am registered member of the professional body BANT, and am registered with the CNHC, the voluntary regulator for nutritional therapy.  These bodies require active Continuing Professional Development to ensure safe practice.


I am trained and insured to carry out functional health tests and blood tests. 


I have a BSc in Nutritional Medicine and am a qualified fitness instructor. 


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You can book an appointment at one of my Manchester-based clinics, or arrange an online consultation via Skype.

Cheadle Clinic

5 Bangor Road




07850 324 961

Sale Clinic

Centric Consulting Rooms

21a Marsland Road



M33 3HP

07850 324 961

Online Appointments

Online nutritional therapy consultations are available via Skype.


Contact me for details.

07850 324 961