Quick 'No-Prep' Lunchbox Ideas

Short of time and short of ideas for your child's packed lunches?

You can pack a nutritious, low-GI lunch for your child in 2-minutes flat!

Try some of these suggestions:

Veggies Carrot sticks

Cucumber sticks

Chopped bell peppers

Cherry tomatoes Apple slices Grated carrot Sweetcorn Fruit Banana Apple slices Grapes, blueberries, strawberries Plums Pear

Tangerine Pre-packaged fruit salad pots

Protein Yoghurt

Fromage frais

Cheese sticks or Babybell

Grated cheese Cottage cheese Boiled egg/egg mayonnaise Tinned tuna Chicken leg Turkey slices Quorn slices Beans salads made from tinned beans Dips Hummus Yoghurt-based dips Peanut butter Guacamole Cream cheese Crunchies Dried banana chips Granola Dried fruit - apricots, raisins dates, coconut, cranberries Nuts - almonds, cashews, macademia (If using grains, try rice cakes, oat cakes or small slices of pita bread for dipping.)

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