Stress and Fatigue


If you feel tired all the time, it is likely that you will benefit from nutritional therapy. Chronic fatigue can have a number of causes and effects that can be addressed with a personalised nutritional therapy programme.


Ongoing stress can also have profound effects on the body and brain, affecting neurotransmitters, the adrenal glands and the complex feedback loop between the brain and other bodily organs.


Nutritional Therapy
Stress and Fatigue

Nutritional therapy is an effective tool to manage stress and balance energy levels.


Your nutritional therapy consultation can help identify and address nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances that are linked with conditions such as chronic fatigue and anxiety.


Goals of nutritional therapy:


  • improved resistance to stress

  • regulation of stress hormones

  • improved mental performance

  • increased well-being

  • increased energy and vitality

Lab testing services
Simple, reliable home tests
CPA-accredited lab

Simple home tests can help to identify underlying causes of ongoing fatigue and anxiety.


I work with Genova Diagnositcs, and can assess a number of factors linked with feeling tired all the time.


Available health tests include:


  • Adrenal Fatigue Profile (levels of cortisol and DHEA)

  • markers of mitochondrial function

  • Vitamin D status

  • levels of thyroid hormones


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Online Appointments

Online nutritional therapy consultations are available via Skype.


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