Women's Health


Hormonal imbalance can result in a range of uncomfortable symptoms, from acne and irregular periods to increases in abdominal fat and decreases in bone density.  


Recent research supports the benefits of dietary changes on these types of symptoms. Essential fatty acids, glycemic load and nutrients such as zinc and Vitamin D are just some of the dietary factors that have been linked with hormonal balance.

Nutritional Therapy
Women's Health

Nutritional therapy is often used to restore hormonal balance.


Imbalances in your hormones can cause a range of problems including heavy, painful or irregular periods, acne, PMS and fluid retention, as well as conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and fibroids.


The menopause can also cause uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flushes, changes in hair quality and bone density, vaginal dryness, increased abdominal fat and headaches.


Dietary and lifestyle changes can have a profound impact on hormones. The right diet can correct nutritional deficiences and regulate levels of testosterone, insulin, blood sugar and estrogen.


For women trying to conceive, a well-designed diet can help to maximise your chances of a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Hormone Testing
Simple, reliable home tests
CPA-accredited lab

I work with Genova Diagnositcs, and can assess a number of factors involved in hormonal health.


Saliva and urine tests can assess a range of hormones and health markers, including:


  • estrogen

  • testosterone

  • progesterone

  • cortisol

  • melatonin


Urine tests can also be used to assess bone health in menopausal women.


During a consultation, we can discuss which test might be most suitable for you.


Alternatively, you can simply contact me for information on how to order.


You can book an appointment at one of my Manchester-based clinics, or arrange an online consultation via Skype.

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Online Appointments

Online nutritional therapy consultations are available via Skype.


Contact me for details.

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